Friday, August 26, 2011

It's becoming habit

I can't help to think of next summer when Denmark is brought up in class. We read Beowulf and the setting: Denmark. As of right now, I'm sitting in the seat Nanna used to sit in. I promise I didn't do it on purpose; it just so happened to work out as so.

I'm blogging consistently on my other site or trying to do so. Life in Tonkawa is as it's always been except, Terra Nova is OFF the CHARTS. God is moving in our lovely little town like never before. We're coming into His glory. There's going to be something big happen this school year.

Being busy isn't as fun as you'd think. It's different from being a ball girl for the football team and playing basketball to being a ball girl and going to work. Having a job is a whole lot more. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm glad I've got one. It's crazy having a 13 hour day. 
Here's my day:
6:15-30: awake as unwilling as possible
6:30-7: get ready for classes
7:30: breakfast
7:55: Make it to Early American History
8:50: Head to Psychology
9:50:All done. Time to go eat an apple
11:03: Head to high school
12:35: Go eat lunch
1:15: Physics begins
2:35-5:15: Footballlllll
5:30-7:30: Work
Then the evening is for homework, lazy time, etc...

Of course those are all subject to change but that's the rough, Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule for college classes. It's so different having to be as focused as I am at 8 in the morning on a Monday. College is different. It's also weird to go to high school from two college courses. Not that I mentally shut off, but I come quite close. I don't have to be as focused in high school. Maybe that's a part of senioritis. It's barely been a full week. I'm not wanting this year to rush by at all though. I can't wait to go to Denmark, but this is my last year in those hallways. 

This is the latest I've been up in a long while. I'd love to pull an all nighter but, I wouldn't be a very happy camper when mommy would come in to wake me. 
I'd better get some shut eye. 
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

One year anniversary

Today, exactly one year ago, I started my big adventure that somehow led me to Holly. There isn't much adventure in my life today. Actually, I'm bored, trying to entertain my new cat, and I'm resting my legs after 2 5 hour shifts of running around trying to figure out where all the clothes was supposed to hang at my new job.

I miss America. I can't seem to settle down again, I miss hanging out with Holly, I miss Terra Nova, overall, I just miss Tonkawa. Okay, I don't miss the heat at all, whatsoever. Actually, it's a bliss to hang out here in Denmark in 70-80 degree weather and rain all the time.

In 5 days I start a new adventure, well, if three years of school is an adventure. I'm ready to meet new people again but I don't know if I'm ready for the constant flow of homework. I'm ready to turn 18 so I can get my drivers license, I'm ready to go to America to see everyone again, I'm ready for Holly to come to Denmark, but until then I'm gonna have to deal with what I have, which sounds really depressing and bad, but it really isn't.

I'm amazed at how I have friendships in Denmark that just picked up where we left off. I'm still one of them! I don't know what I expected, to be an outcast or something like that, but I'm not for which I'm grateful.

Today I had my first encounter with a Jehova's Witness. It was odd, apparently they don't believe in the Trinity and that if you turn away from God for a period of time and come back, he doesn't love you anymore. They don't believe that everyone who believes in God goes to heaven either. Like I said, it was odd.

Holly, I miss you, I hope to come see you before next summer!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

With changing times

Our lives are beginning to sweep into : The Rush.
What is the rush?
Well, I honestly just made it up. But it's metaphorically speaking of the busyness that every teenager falls into. Here in Tonkawa, American, senior year is coming up faster than ever. I've got to start looking up scholarships for college, begin to make a decision on a career path, and deal with senioritis. Commonly known as, "I don't need to do that. I'm a senior." Along with managing how to cope without basketball in my life. Instead, I've got a job. It will be a different ball of wax but, I'll learn to deal. I've come to the "I'm gonna need money" realization. Of course, fun is quite great too. Which I'm making the most of with these 13 days left before the big, senior year. 
It seems to me that summer disappeared from beneath my grasp. It doesn't register that it's August. Or that I'm starting my last year in Tonkawa High School. It doesn't make sense! How does time go so fast from being a scared Freshman to a "ruling" Senior? (Really, we don't have any more power. Seniority kind of flew out the window.) 
It really upsets me a bit that I don't have to be at school until 11:15. Don't get me wrong, sleeping in is going to be heavenly but, not seeing my best friend until then...what a crapper. The last few weeks of school, I went into our councilor's office to get my schedule for next year. Partly to know when I would be able to take college classes and what to look for...gotta be prepared. Anyway, she gave it to me. I compared it with my best friend's and we had the same schedule. Enrollment came and I had a completely different schedule. Talk about a let down. And, it was set in stone. I'd already planned my college classes around the schedule from last I'm taking Psychology and Early American History. I'm going to take it for what it's worth.

As for Nanna, I don't know much of what goes on. I know she'll be starting a new school and she's started a new job. It's weird how we both are somewhat still doing the same things even though we are approximately 4000 miles apart. The world really isn't that different.

As much as I want to put of senior year, I want it to somewhat speed by me. I can't wait to see Nanna again and heck, fly over the waters to Denmark. There's so much in store for my future but the question I'm dealing with is...
How do I grab it all?
I'm scared to be honest.