Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Building bridges

Once in a while I get to thinking about my life. Some things just trigger this wondering about my future and where all this effort I'm putting in to my school is going to lead me to.

This time it was the so called "brigde builders". No I'm not referring to bridge builders in the words literal meaning. When we reach 8th grade in the Danish school system we have to visit a school of higher education for a about a week, in order to get some kind of idea as to what we want to spend the rest of our lives doing. This process of visiting schools and making desicions is called "bridge building" or being a "bridge builder". Now that I've given you some kind of definition to the words I'm going to get to the point!

This week is the bridge building week at my school. Usually we're about 800-1000 students mingling among each other, prepraring ourselves for three different kinds of education. You wouldn't think approximately 50 8th graders would make that big of a difference, but guess what? It does.

Today, I was sitting in my math class not really paying attention to the teacher (don't judge, I actually learned something in Mrs. Rob's last year, so I pretty much know what we're doing at this point). I ended up listening to the quiet conversations of the visitors. It made me think of myself when I was in their position. I was scared to death that the teacher would ask me a question or that the students would actually notice my presence.I had absolutely no idea as to what I wanted to do with my life. I didn't even know that I had the possibility of going to the US for a year.
Anyhow, as I was listening to them it dawned on me that I still don't have any idea where I'm headed with my life. The IB World School progam I'm currently enrolled in can be big advantage to graduate, except if I have to go to a Danish university.
The IB grade scale is different from the Danish one, making it very hard to get a good GPA. If I decide to study abroad (requiring an absolutely insane GPA) IB is considered a better education.

I now stand before the choice of transferring schools or have absolutely no social life for the next three years. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but you know where I'm going with this. It kinda feels like I'm in the bridge builder's positions again, I have to make a big decision regarding my future and for some reason it's just not going to be easy at all.

But thinking about my future isn't the only thing I'm doing at the moment.

Student council is a big thing at my school, at least compared to THS. Two or three representatives is chosen from each class and these people get together with the rest of the class representatives once in a while to make big decisions about the school's future. Again the Danish school system is different. We have more than the usual 4 classes, we have about 27 classes at my school containing somewhere between 25 and 32 students each. I was elected to the student council with two other great people from my class and I'll be in the student council until next summer. Once a month the student council gets together to discuss small or big issues about the school, we vote, and we just do cool stuff to make the school even more awesome than it already is.

I also applied to be a part of the school paper called "Spanskrøret" and I have absolutely no idea what the English translation for that is. I've been accepted and we're now planning our first meeting. Spanskrøret is published about four times a year and what exactly my role is, I don't know yet. I'm either going to write articles or I'm gonna end up correcting the other articles, making sure it's not full of with typos and other things like that.

I work anywhere between 4 and 15 hours a week. I like my job, but it can be tough at times. My position requires my full attention to customers and making sure the clothes isn't lying all over the floor or hanging in all the wrong places. It doesn't sound too bad, and it really isn't - most of the time anyway.

So that's a little insight in my life ATM. I hope it gives you some kind of explanation as to why I don't post blogs too often. My apologies!