Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's finally here.

258 days later.
18 profile picture changes.
Job changes.
School changes.
Friendship changes.
Personality changes.

Joking becoming reality.

It started as a joke.
"Yeah, I'll come to see you once I turn 18."

"See ya later."

"Yeah, I'll come to Denmark."

"Yeah, when are you free?"

"I'm working on buying my tickets."

"I got them!"

"I'll be there June 19th at 5:10"

"My flight is delayed."


And there I was, walking through the doors in Billund Airport to meet up with Nanna and her mother. It's been almost a year since I saw her last. We've both had our ups and downs while we were separated but it worked out. Here we are. I'm in Denmark and we're able to hang out once again. It's so lovely to be back with your best friend after what seemed like such a long time. We're heading out to London this week! We'll keep you posted.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Time is coming close.

In ten days, I will be crossing the ocean to DENMARK.

I don't think you understand how exciting that really is. 

Me, who has lived in America forever and only gone to Mexico. I've seen an ocean once in my lifetime. I've been in a plane once. Now, I'm flying alone. I'm going to make it I know.

10 days.
I haven't started packing.
I don't even have my luggage... I just bought it today.

I'm way more organized than what I'm portraying right now.

It's going to be weird leaving America on a Monday and getting to Denmark on a Tuesday. Dear God, don't let me have too much jet lag. Thank you. It's going to be weird not being able to text. It's going to be weird all the way around.

The awesome will outweigh the weird!

I'm pretty stoked I don't have to take any toiletries. That always takes up SO MUCH room. Stupid towels... Why don't they make body dryers like hand dryers? The Capital had those in The Hunger Games. Why don't we?

I've practically spent all day on my laptop today. I'm going to finish this so I can go do something useful. See you in ten days Denmark.
(And by Denmark I mean Nanna.)