Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Starting Over - Again

A few weeks ago I made a decision. A quite radical one, to be honest.
I'm no longer an IB student. Instead I'm now, what we in Denmark refer to as, an STX student. This has led to transfer of schools, no more English in my every day life, and new people once again(!). I don't know what exactly triggered this idea but I ended up doing it, nonetheless. It honestly just feels more right this way.

So this Monday, after a few days in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, with my friends I went to school. Not just any school - Munkensdam School. This is the school I've been wanting to attend since the first time I had to consider what I wanted to do with my life. I went to my first class in 1.x (the name of my class) which, btw, is a class with higher levels of social studies and math. Who would've ever thought that I, of all people, would choose to take high level math classes?

Anyhow, the first person I met was my teacher who wanted me to make a small presentation of myself in front of my new class - no way I wanted to do that, so she let me sit down after a few minutes of me convincing her to let me do so. I'm surprised that even after being a student at six different school I'm still about to pass out whenever I have to meet all those new people. It really freaks me out to be put on the spot like that!

I got out of school by 1.20 p.m. and I thought the day had been a success. I was amazed how open-minded everyone had been and how welcome I had felt. It's not easy to transfer schools like that in the middle of a school year so I was so happy when I went home. Usually Danes aren't open-minded in any way. We tend to be quite selfish and, well, not so open-minded so it was really awesome to experience for once.

So, what's my point with all this? I don't really know. Maybe there isn't supposed to be a point with everything I write. Atleast I came with some kind of update here from Denmark! I'm a really bad blogger. Sorry.